The Sofar Delhi NCR Story

By Srishti Das.

The story goes back to somewhere in August 2016, Tanya started the initiative and she and Ruchira were the Co-city leads with Anirudh who was handling fan communications. They were the origin of starting this wonderful initiative in the capital region. With loads of excitement and anticipation for what would happen, Srishti was then added onto the team to take on artist relations and that was the core.

Since then, the team worked hard and finally organised Sofar Sounds Delhi NCR’s first show on the 23rd of October. On the way the team was unfortunate to lose Anirudh, who still supported the entire concept when he could find team later on. After a successful 2nd show Banglore took Ruchira away and the team was left with just Tanya and Srishti, two friends who had graduated from Berklee College of Music’s Valencia Campus studying Global Entertainment and Music Business. They both decided that they would put together a new team and keep organising these phenomenal shows. The team was then joined in by Raghav and Sarang and formed the new core.

The team was fortunate to be able to bring this concept to Delhi NCR and have along with the team organised multiple shows so far and made a judicious wave in the live music circuit of our city.

Together the team of Sofar Sounds Delhi NCR has managed to pull many artists like Amartya Ghosh, Prateek Kuhad, Zoya, Burudu, Komorebi, Luiza Sales etc. and has received rave reviews from the guests, hosts and performers.

The team now comprises of:

Core Team

Tanya Nath – City Leader

Srishti Das – Head of Communications

Raghav Srivastava – Artist Laisions

Sarang Sahay – Audio & Video Coordinator, Sound Incharge

Communications Team

Shrey Kathuria – Graphics Head

Yatin Srivastava – Social Media Manager

Tanya Dubey – Content Creator


Purwa Chauhan – Set Designer


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