The Sofar Sounds Story

By Srishti Das

Sofar Sounds is a global initiative that started about 7 years ago in someone’s living room in London. The idea came up from the fact that people went to gigs not for the music, but to have a gala time drinking with their friends. This seemed to ruin the experience based around the entire live music experience. This was unfortunate for those concert goers that wanted to appreciate the music. The artists at the bar were then invited to one of these concer goers house to enjoy the experience of music.

The concept quickly spread across England moved on to Paris, New York and slowly spread all over the world. It is in more than 320 cities today and Delhi NCR was somewhere around the 270th odd city in the world, fourth in India.

What is unique about a Sofar show you ask?

For one, these shows usually take place in offbeat locations like living rooms, rooftops, co-working spaces etc. Apart from that, not only are the artists specially curated, the guest list is curated after taking in applications for about 2-3 weeks every show. Guests don’t talk in the middle of the performance, but keenly enjoy the performance. They are all there to enjoy the music. Last but not least, Sofar Sounds is a secret show. Only the list of curated guests get the address to the location, which is unknown to everyone else.

So, if you would like to attend a Sofar Sounds show in your city, click here to apply to attend one.




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