Luiza Sales: So Far Away

By Luiza Sales.

My first experience with Sofar was in Rio de Janeiro, my hometown in Brazil, back in 2015. I sang with the acappella group Ordinarius and had a great experience – specially for having the audience so close to us, listening to our music with big smiles on their faces.

What I never expected was for life to give me a second chance to experience Sofar – this time, so far away, on the other side of the globe! I went to India to teach at Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music and I was expecting to have a semester completely focused in music education. But things started to change when the City Leader of Sofar Delhi NCR – and my friend from Berklee Valencia, Tanya Nath wrote to me… and thanks to her, I ended up performing at sunset in a beautiful rooftop in Delhi and meeting  the amazing artists Amartya Ghosh and Zoya.

Being an independent artist is not easy, no matter where you come from. In Rio, there is a very limited number of venues that show respect for original compositions and have a quiet atmosphere to give the listeners the chance appreciate new music. Sofar in Rio is an oasis of tranquility for singer songwriters to share their music in a friendly environment – and I felt the same about Sofar Sounds Delhi NCR.

This is the beauty of this project: the concept of  bringing back the respect for live music while connecting new audiences to new artists. Wherever Sofar exists, this wonderful idea lives. Also, a project like this makes me realise that live performances on stage is also a form of music education. It is impossible to leave a Sofar concert without learning something new and in this era of so much information available on-line, preserving live music the way it should be is an important act of resistance.

Sofar was also an opportunity for me to perform to producers of music festivals in Delhi – and thanks to that performance I ended up singing at DIY Day and The Gig Week. This way, the event is also a great place to network and meet interesting players in the local music business.

Last but not least, I can’t thank enough the lovely people I met in Delhi! The city has producers, musicians and artists who are making great music and events that the world needs to hear about! India was definitely a life changing experience for me and Sofar was a great part of it!



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