Discovering Delhi with Sofar sounds

By Ruchira Ramakrishna
2016 was a remarkable year for me; of discovery, learning & shared experiences. It was a year of firsts; the first job, first Delhi winter, et al. Of the string of remarkable experiences I had, my time at Sofar Sounds Delhi NCR is definitely on top of the list.
My love for music took shape I’d never imagined & the people I interacted with who shaped my views of the independent music sphere in the city. My initiation was conducted by Prarthana, ( whom I studied with way back in school) and trains Sofar teams globally!
14572412_1290973607614427_940733524158902565_nTanya & Srishti constantly brought more to the table, whilst ensuring we didn’t miss out on the little joys along the way. Team meetings were always welcome as it involved discussing artist line-ups over delectable meals. An all girls team running the Sofar team in the capital was absolute fun! Anirudh stayed for a brief while, but he never truly quit the team, as he lends his help when he can
Forever indebted to the supremely patient/ humble & audio engineer maestro Krishna, who provided me with a crash course on grasping the technicalities of hosting a live music show. His wit & inexhaustive list of Sofar puns are sorely missed! Aryaman’s dream of making a “Ruchira Calendar” with my candid (re: awkward) photos was cut short when I moved; but when he isn’t pulling my leg, his ability to wield a camera is unparalleled. Purwa, Jayant & Sarang are also supremely multi-faceted people, with whom my relationship has lived on, even after I moved!  I’m always greeted by Sarang with the biggest smile & warmest hug each time I visit The Piano Man Jazz Club.
I’d many “firsts” at Sofar too– figuring ways to create impact across various demographics, understand the nuances of designing posters, engaging with the technical aspects of running a live music show to name a few. It was exciting to spread the word, and watch the puzzled expressions turn to delight as people begin to unravel the welcome change that Sofar was! It was enriching to interact with artists up close and personal, see the sincerity & passion they brought to their music & how much they enjoy an audience’s undivided attention! I even got to watch my favorite artists such as Amartya & Subhadra perform only within a few feet away from me. It was also the first time I witnessed slam poetry live, courtesy of the raw and fierce Zoya Mohan!
With Sofar Delhi NCR, I discovered soulful music & some wonderful people who wish to witness and share real experiences. Even though I’ve moved to Bangalore, I watch the Delhi team reach greater heights with every passing month, and hope for it to reach as many people–and for those it touches, to be a part of the community for as long as it stays. I’ll always cherish the team, volunteers and guests I interacted with along the way, as they’ve contributed positively to my experience. Each and every one put the magic back into live music & my time in Delhi! 🙂

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