Second Innings at Sofar Sounds – Mahesh

By Mahesh Raghunandan.
As I am based in Bangalore, when Sofar Sounds finally made it to the city over a year ago, I was excited. I’ve been watching Sofar performances for years and being a singer-songwriter myself, I find the concept unique, interesting and of an enlightening nature. My reason for saying that is this –
While the local independent scene is slowly growing, the need to preserve the culture of being open to new and different kinds of music is of huge priority.
Sofar Sounds addresses that right in the core. Those interested apply for an invite without knowing the artist that will be playing which cultivates the open-mindedness. The audience is then provided with an intimate performance without distractions, therefore, allowing to truly immerse themselves in the music. And as for the cherry on top, the location of the gig being a secret every time creates the right amount of hype and interest among the youth.
My previous Sofar performances in Bangalore as a singer-songwriter as well as with my former band Mahesh and the Mix were wonderful worthy of reliving.
The recent one in Delhi made it all the more special. It was my second time ever visiting Delhi and I was excited about it. The location for the gig was perfect as it was overlooking the Qutb Minar (my first time seeing it in real life if I might add!). With a short and snappy soundcheck, I got on stage right when the sun was setting. For a Bangalorean, the temperatures dropping to 12-13 degrees is not exactly “the usual”, especially when you’ve to play a gig in that weather. So the fingers took some time to limber up. But to be honest, the wonderful audience, the perfect view and the great sound pretty much kept me in blissful ignorance. I had a great time playing!
I later had the pleasure of watching Burudu and Komorebi for the very first time who did an exceptional job on their performances. All in all, I’d like to thank Tanya and everyone else at the Sofar team for having me at theirs and making sure all went well. I know that the Sofar ‘tradition’ will continue to grow and live by for many years to come!

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