#KnowUs: Tanya Nath, City Leader

By Tanya Dubey.

Tanya’s Sofar journey is one of many serendipitous happenings, all over the years.

Imagine you’re walking back home, and you hear a band performing on the streets, or your neighborhood park. You follow the sound to see the band surrounded by people swaying to the music and you sway along. Back home, you end up searching online for the band that caught your fancy and discover a cool YouTube channel that features them.

You don’t think much of it except a few years later, you rediscover the channel and think of getting it to your city, which for Tanya was Delhi, the third city in India for Sofar Sounds.

From being coached by Prarthana, an Indian in the Sofar international team to meeting the entire Asia team in a meet in Mumbai, she’s heard so many stories that charm. Her vision for Sofar Delhi NCR is to provide a platform to people of all ages, the live music experience they’ve never had; quiet, un-interruptive and all-encompassing.

The transition for Nath, who is a Berklee graduate in the Music business, from a corporate business like Sony Music to doing something by herself with Sofar, was as comfortable as a homecoming. She’s traveled for studies and for work but the connection has always been musical with things falling into place as melodiously as a song. From Valencia to Bombay to Delhi, Nath has always been searching for that one thing that brings it home for her and Sofar sounds is the one that has her feeling at home, literally.

Her curiosity in bringing something that independent, voluntary and really captures the spirit of music, made her apply for an application to bring Sofar’s concept to the Capital of India, it’s a passion she’s sticking to while finding herself.

Her Sofar gig is the one she’s sitting down for, no distractions and she’s not pulling the plug off the mike, anytime soon.

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