Capturing the Crayon Skies and Attentive Audiences

By Takar Nabam.
When I first heard from the Sofar Sounds Delhi NCR team, I didn’t know about them. I was provided a video link and on watching the video, I got excited and I thought I shouldn’t miss this opportunity.
On the day of the performance, when I reached the venue, I was taken by surprise! It was at the terrace of the Regal building, CP. The view was spectacular. The setting of the place was just about perfect for a lovely November evening. I met my friends, Yatin & Sanjeeta, who were also going to perform the same evening. I also met some new people, who heard me for the first time. It was lovely!
While I plugged in my guitar, the sun was setting down. An orange screen above us like someone took a massive crayon and colored it. I played an acoustic set to a very attentive audience, which is a rarity. To be honest, the best thing that an audience can do for an artist is lend their ears and their undivided attention. It’s also a bit scary, as even the slightest mistake will be heard. The audience heard the entire performance and also sang through one of my songs, which I taught them at the end.
It was satisfying.
Unlike the usual performances, where you already know the artist line up and make up your mind about attending the gig or not, Sofar’s secrecy about the artist line up doesn’t give one that choice. It’s actually quite easy to get lazy and decide not to attend a gig.
The independent music circle that I’ve seen has expanded considerably over the last 10-12 years, which is promising. I think it is important for a performer/listener/follower to attend performances, buy the artists music, and support them in whatever possible way they can. Everyone’s contribution counts. Sofar has been doing some very good work and I’ve seen a lot of people talk about it, lately. Looking back, I feel that it was a good decision to be a part of the episode and I would love to be part of it once again.

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