Do You Know Takar Nabam?


By Srishti Das.

Takar Nabam is an indie singer-songwriter from Delhi who blends some elements of rock, folk and jazz in his music. Nabam was kind enough to play with us at our November show and tomorrow we will have his first very own Sofar Sounds video up for the world to see! But before that, lets know him a little:

contextualize yourself as an artist.
A cross between a teenage metalhead + Jazz aficionado and a singer songwriter. These primary influences always crop up and overlap each other when I write music and has thus lead to Takar Nabam as people know it or will hopefully know if it.
Who are the artists that inspire you? 
Some artists that I’ve listened to on and off in the past 4-5 years and they have been an inspiration to me:
Guitar players: Kurt Rosenwinkel, Joe Pass, Jim Hall, John Scofield, Wes Montgomery, Derek Trucks, etc
Others: Ray Charles, Paul Simon, John Mayer, Tedeschi Trucks, Chet Baker, John Coltrane, Sunny Rollins, etc
What inspired you to make original music?
It’s the will to document my experiences, emotions, the people, the things that matter to me most. I like to document most of it, at least for myself. The truth is that it’s satisfying. My musical journey started primarily with the guitar. I compose my music on this instrument and sometimes on the piano. I like to improvise as it gives me the space to express myself. I’ve heard music of different genres and some sounds have been ingrained in me so deep that it comes out of me quite naturally but, with an element of me in it, I guess.

Describe your experience as an independent musician.

Really good when you get good gigs and festivals to play but, really slow when you don’t get any. It can get a little discouraging, sometimes. I’ve seen both sides of it, in phases. When I’m not performing my music live, I do freelancing and perform with other artists.
It’s important to have a strong will power and vigor to continue as an independent artist, and also be content making music that’s close to you.
I’ve been fortunate enough to have met, played and interacted with other great independent artists and also have the support of my friends and family members who have been supportive and inspiring.
What is your favourite Sofar sounds Video yet?
Midnight by Lianne La Havas, what a fabulous song and performance!
How do you think the concept of Sofar Sounds is helping independent artists in India?
Some of the artists in India need to be heard on a global level, SofarSounds is one such platform which can help achieve that. I’m sure many people from outside India still think of us as a country of snake charmers. I do hope that our artists get heard by people from other countries.
This platform also, usually, ensures a good turn out at the gigs, which is a win for the artists.
As majority of the people are aware of music that comes on TV, mainly from the Bollywood and Hollywood industries, it becomes imperative that we have platforms which also exposes people to the other side of the coin.
Follow him and his music here: Facebook, Instagram and Website

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