Do you know Yatin Srivastava?

By Srishti Das.

Yatin Srivastava, played Sofar Delhi NCR way back at the second edition last November. Since then, he has also joined the team and taken care of all the Social Media posting for us. Here are a few questions to know Yatin Srivastava the person. However, you will note that the person Yatin is leads so much too the musician he is. Music is a big part of this breathing cycle.

Contextualize Yatin Srivastava in 2 lines.
I think Yatin is a realist but someone who likes to push the boundaries of what realism means to him. Does that make sense?

If not a musician what would you be?
I’ve always wanted to be a lawyer, and that’s what I’m trying to currently pursue professionally. But I guess some way or the other I would come back to music. The only thing in law that interests me nowadays is maybe getting a job as a lawyer for a band or work in some label or big music company dealing with contracts, copyright laws etc.

What is the one thing you have to do before you sleep?
I can’t sleep without listening to music. It gets really hard for me to sleep if I don’t have my headphones and a music device to play music off.

5 things you always do in a day.
– I have a bath (Yes college is over. Don’t miss out on baths kids! Keep yoself fresh)
– I always try to squeeze in some time to play some widly woo on my guitar.
– I make it a point to work on my personal music – check out mixes/record new parts etc.
– Recently I’ve been going on an early morning run everyday. (Atleast I try to go 6 days in a week)
– I listen to one vinyl each day before going to work (that would be after my run in the morning)

Biggest turn on and turn off.
The biggest turn on for me is if someone has insane creativity and skill. For example, A girl who can play some sick saxophone at Ronnie Scotts, or any other famous jazz club in the world? 😛

I biggest turn off is when someone tries to impose their thoughts on me without having a debate because they have no real information about the same.


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