#KnowUs: Sarang Sahay, Sound Engineer

Sarang has been with Sofar Sounds Delhi NCR since the beginning and he calls it a serendipity of sorts, with his senior connecting the team with him.

He’s not so good with words so he lets the music do the talking and that’s what he’s been doing since the time he was born, much true to his name which literally means a music instrument.

From being a musician at school to performing for charity at his engineering college, Sahay has done it all and he’s a performer that understands performers, in the true sense.

As the Sound Engineer for Sofar Sounds Delhi-NCR, he’s seen the journey of the entity not only growing in numbers but also as a team. “I work with a lot of people but the kind of passion and dedication I see in the team is unparallel. All of us are driven by the love for independent music and that’s what keeps me going,” he says about his journey in the past seven months working with the Delhi team.

Sahay is the full-time resident sound engineer for Piano Man Jazz Club, an upcoming venue for music performances in the city.

He confesses that the international appeal associated with Sofar Sounds is beneficial to his future aspirations. “I don’t believe in pursuing one job and as I find something I like, I do it. From Physics to music to audio engineering to even working behind the camera, I don’t limit myself to the kind of work I should be doing. Sofar is a great platform where I can meet talented people from all over the world and this platform enables me to meet amazing artists,” he says, appreciating the kind of people he’s met on Sofar gigs.

This jack of all mixing trades is also a Band Engineer for The Revisit   Project and Recording   &   mixing engineer at The  Basement  Co.

One thing he ends the dialogue with is something that sticks- I never stop gaining knowledge and I (musically) note that down.


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