After Eight(h) Sofar Sounds Show

So we at Sofar Delhi-NCR call ourselves Delhi-NCR for a reason and that became apparent with our second show in Gurugram, breaking the usual mould of South Delhi locations.

Now that we are finally getting inclusive of the behemoth that is the Delhi NCR, we decided to embrace the not-so-good hot-humid weather at a cozy home at Golf Course Road, Gurugram and we were psyched..until it started raining, which is the worst thing to happen one hour before the show, in Delhi.

As luck would have it, it stopped quickly and we were received with a full house..literally in minutes.


We started the gig in a good mood with Mohit Mukhi, who’s a Sofar Sounds gig pro playing at four gigs till date. He played an extremely minimalistic but absolutely capturing set. It was everything one would expect to see at a Sofar show.

His acoustic sound was the perfect way to start the evening that ended into a “Little Long Walk”.


Then we moved on to a peppy band called- Angad Katari Collective which enthralled us with sounds that we had never heard before, with different instruments that got the audience talking. Angad’s interesting guitars and his harmonica were the talk of the set. However, his small anecdotes also got one and all enjoying themselves immensely.2

We ended the night, early with two full-time musicians: Tarun Balani & Chayan Adhikari, doing their own thing with their new electronic collective – Time Machine. Adhikari described this interesting set as their interpretation of futuristic sounds. While, Adhikari filled up the apartment with layers of his beautiful voice, Balani was grooving away on his electronic drum kit.

Playing their first gig, their long songs kept people guessing where the time began and ended which was a refreshing change for the night to come.

Our Sunday night, every month looks this good with happy faces, no spaces and beer traces; How about you?

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