The Doppler Effect Created a Ripple that Refused to Die Down at Sofar

Formed in October 2012, The Doppler Effect is a band initiated to revive the lost glory of the “glam/classic rock ages and bring it up to date with a twist”, introducing elements of progressive rock and funk into the general sound.

If that definition itself doesn’t resonate with you, it’s because the band thinks that its diversity and versatility, thrives on experimenting with sound.

As they work on achieving a refreshing balance between both the technical and the musical aspects of their songs, Sofar Sounds happened to them early this year in February.

The Doppler Effect consists of Amar Pandey, Ashwin Nayar, Sherry Mathews and Suyash Gabriel, all musicians that find this project fascinating for what it is.


Ashwin Nayar who plays the guitar spoke to us about how special the Sofar show was for the band,

“As a concept, Sofar is different because of the selected crowd. The team makes sure that the band is getting exposed to people who actually care about the music,” he says, calling the exposure this first Sofar Show got them as it was a fantastic opportunity.

Harping on the concept that usual band gigs are not catering to people who care about the music and “Without a niche audience- bands are nothing”.

Emphasizing on the fact, that the intimate gigs allowed them to tone down the music, their set turned out to be completely unique.

The band also appreciated the personal interaction with the audience that seemed genuinely interested in the music.

“Another plus for the Sofar experience is the timing which is pristine, starting from 6 PM and ending at about 8:30 PM which I think allows people to actually listen and then chill and not vice versa which ends up happening during night shows” says Nayar who especially appreciated how this experience didn’t feel like a transaction because the Delhi NCR team is made up of volunteers who are just here for the music, just like the band.


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