Saby Singh sang at Sofar Sounds, and that’s not all-iteration

Saby Singh is a sky full of stars as he is a Kashmir-born, brought up in a Sikh family, trained as a classical singer and formed a band at the age of 18.

Singh credits his music to all these influences but insists that his music evolved as a teenager at the age of 15 when he stumbled upon the Beatles which inspired him to start writing the songs that he plays right now.

Singh played at the February 2017 Sofar Sounds Delhi-NCR show which he describes as one of his best experiences,

”I started playing at the sunset and as the twilight became prominent it turned to be me more beautiful. The sky was crimson red and as I felt supported by the audience, I could feel that my music was getting stripped down, not just as a feeling but in spirit,” said the Bengaluru-based singer-songwriter.

Saby has played at both Sofar Delhi-NCR and Sofar Bengaluru and is an avid supporter of the movement because he feels that people are there for the music and nothing else.

“Indie artists like us appreciate a good ear and seeing so many people just pay attention is refreshing”, he added. While clubs and bars provide the much-needed publicity and platform, sometimes we just want the audience to shut up and listen. This platform is great for critique, whether it’s good or bad.

Singh, who was introduced to music by his classically-trained grandfather describes his music as a mix. He listens to classic rock, blues, and while he is influenced by the west, he finds notes of his background of Hindustani sangeet still creeping in.

Saby plays a mixture of blues, exotic scales and has been a full-time musician since July 2015. Since his first stint, he says that Sofar is the only platform that really respects the artists.February

This multifaceted singer’s favorite Sofar Sounds video is by Lucy Rose who played For you at a show.

“In an era where each and everything is commercialized, bars won’t entertain good independent music unless they think it will help their business. In such a scenario in India, Underground music movement becomes very important and I’m glad that platforms like Sofar are getting our voices and sounds out there,” Saby says, happily.


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