#KnowUs: Meet the guy that converts music into art as Sofar’s Visual Artist

The Sofar Sounds Delhi NCR design head is a force to reckon at age 21 as he shuttles between his love for art and his talent in music.

Shrey Kathuria lives for creative experimentation which is what drives him to maintain a packed scheduled involving college, design work and music practice, all rolled into one.

Pursuing the fourth year in Communication Design at Pearl Academy, New Delhi, Kathuria maintains that all he wants to do is learn more.

He finds inspiration in the work that he does at Sofar Sounds Delhi NCR as it helps him do independent work which isn’t influenced by anyone.

“My mood board at Sofar is limitless which is why I love to work with them. Ideating is the biggest aspect of a Graphic designer and I’m glad I’m volunteering for something that isn’t hardcore commercial,” says Kathuria, who maintains that age is just a number as he is the youngest core-team member for the Delhi team.

“Music helps you grow and it is an on and off journey. I always wanted to learn music as it is something I love but I don’t think I’ll pursue it as a career,” says Shrey who’s already working upwards the ladder as a freelance graphic designer for different companies and musicians.

Kathuria is the guitarist for Hitherto, an upcoming post-rock band who first performed at a Sofar Delhi NCR show. “I connected with the Delhi team then and when they found out about my artistic abilities, they insisted I joined and I’m glad I did.”

Shrey loves working with the Sofar team as he says the people are fun, open to ideas, and flexible with deadlines which he appreciates.

Kathuria who calls himself a ‘visual artist’ is also keen in filmmaking and like all things interesting, is a work-in-progress.


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