This Sofar Delhi NCR show was to the nines! 

Sofar Delhi NCR’s ninth show was a show to remember and not just for one particular reason.

The show was held at the picturesque Elma’s tea room inside the Good Earth’s showroom which was probably the most well-designed venue we have ever had a show at.

Another this special about this show was the lineup: none of the artists that performed were from the city.

From Mumbai to Wales, we had Indians who had been to places and not just in their musical journey.

The evening started with Tejas crooning the popular “Powerpuff girls theme” and making the tense room lighter with his cheeky introduction.

Tejas then continued to lift our spirits by playing the title track of his album – “Make it happen” and we think he already has made it, with his upbeat tunes and crooning voice.

Dot. who studies music and creative writing in Bangor University, Wales, England came into limelight in March, this year when her song – “Everybody dances to techno” became a viral hit in the Indian music scene.

Her refreshing sound delighted people of all ages with her awkward lyrics and quirky tunes on the piano.

She started her set with “Alaw” and the “Rhythm of small talk” which were enough to make people smiling and swaying.

Dot. ended her quaint set with a thunderous applause and there wasn’t anyone in the room who wasn’t left singing praises for her.

The magical night ended with the Second Sight which is five-member band based out of Mumbai.

They started the band with a ‘bolero’ inspired number called “Blood” which welcomed the darker side of the night.

The band made sure people left with uplifted spirits as they made the crowd join in on the chorus and beat of songs like “La Hermosa Tristeza”- which had Spanish elements.

We left richer in experiences that were these artists that night.

What are you waiting for? Apply for the next Sofar Sounds show here which can change your weekend for the better.

Photos by: Dhruv Kalra

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