#KnowUs: Meet the guy behind every Sofar Sounds Delhi NCR lineup that is brought forward

Raghav Srivastava is like most of the Sofar Sounds Delhi NCR team, who are volunteering for the love of music, but he’s different. Responsible for the curated setlist for every Sofar Sounds Delhi NCR show each month, Raghav manages artists or the stars of each concert with fervor.

Not only does has he been involved in Delhi’s music scene since about a decade, but he also listens to different music from around the world to get accustomed to sounds that the capital city might enjoy.

Srivastava has been involved since the second Sofar Delhi NCR show and met the city leader- Tanya Nath at the first ever show in October 2016.

“I knew about the Sofar Sounds concept before it even started here and I was fortunate enough to attend shows in cities in the US and London. I’ve always been in & out of the scene- attending gigs, organizing shows and even managing artists in college, so joining Sofar Sounds Delhi NCR chapter was a natural transition, waiting to happen,” says Raghav who has been following the international Sofar Sounds Youtube channel since years.

What inspires Raghav the most about the concept is seeing people enjoying out of the run of the mill music. “I attend gigs frequently and Sofar sound provides a great setting unlike any other. Since the past 9 months, the team has seen all hiccups possible and we still manage to get everything in place before the show. We are always learning with the musicians from all over the world, the platform gives you that above everything else,” says Raghav who enjoys seeing the creative process and passion of every artist.

For Raghav, it is all about experimentation- no-one should be disappointed by the music. As the setlist is never revealed before the show, it is important to have something for everyone. “Except probably Death Metal and some electronic music, we cater to all genres even if its stripped down,” says Raghav who has been stuck many times trying to pair the right artists with each other so that the night proceeds smoothly.

The 27-year old is working as a Financial Research Analyst in an MNC but his creative side is expressed at Sofar and the kitchen, where he can cook up quite a storm.

Raghav’s aim for Sofar is always pushing it up a notch with every show, whether it’s picking out hidden talent who has never played in front of an audience, or a traveling musician that has never played a gig, Raghav manages to do it all.

From getting a performer like Brail, or introducing the Bluegrass genre with the BlueGrass Journeymen to even managing to get Dot. to play in Delhi, Raghav is a scout for all good things in life.


12510457_10156358624110153_6522552590003619137_nHe likes to think of his efforts as a way of giving back to the music community and has donned many hats from starting an online music review to managing artists but the gig is neverending.

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