“The Time Machine” has traveled inside out the jukebox to find their sound

Tarun Balani and Chayan Adhikari are seasoned independent musicians who have been a part of the Indian- indie scene for more than a decade.

While the two have been friends since eons, they played their maiden gig as “The Time Machine” at Sofar Sounds Delhi-NCR in May 2017.

The pair met when Balani and Chayan were two of the six founding members of Advaita- an Indian fusion band. When Tarun left to study at New York in 2005 for “The Drummer’s Collective” and then at the Berklee College of Music in 2006, they kept in touch and started composing music together when he returned back to Delhi.

The duo has also composed music together for bands like “The Next Collective” and “Tarun Balani Collective” so The Time Machine was a long time coming since they first met over a decade ago.

Balani arbitrarily describes their music as modern Electronic where both of them are experimenting with a new genre that they are not particularly known for.

The fusion of these two had to be eccentric with both of them always being experimental with sound and going on a creative journey. “We were a little nervous before playing at Sofar Sounds together but we knew that the audience would be receptive so we were excited,” says Balani who had a spring in his step during the entire set.


“The best part of the experience was interacting with the hosts and listening to other artists perform with intent which we usually miss out on at music festivals and bars,” Balani found the vibe of the Sofar Sounds concept really receptive as a part of the audience and also as an artist.

This was the window to the duo’s first act together whose EP is already out and both of them knew exactly what they were getting into,”From the first interaction with the Sofar Sounds Delhi NCR team to the day of the performance, we felt that all of our needs were met fully which is so rare in a culture where bars just see artists as add-ons to the ambience and not the main event,” Tarun was really impressed by the entire set up that was done in someone’s apartment.

Before the duo swooshes Back to the Future, they recall the host- Mahima coming up to them and complementing their new music together as a collective. Balani says it’s all about genuine compliments and a complimenting band-mate and this “time machine” isn’t going to stop spinning anytime soon.

Watch their first Sofar Sounds performance here.

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