Joining the dots with Dot. who played Sofar Sounds Delhi NCR

It seldom happens that an artist gets a standing ovation at a Sofar Sounds Show. The shows are informal so such a formality is reserved only for the rarest of occasions.

Dot. is a teenage singer songwriter that managed to not just demand that kind of attention but also surprised the unsuspecting audience by being a breath of fresh air. The Sofar audience doesn’t know who is going to play at the show until just before the show starts and the audience at the June show were glad that they discovered an eccentric singer-songwriter who sounds like nothing they’ve heard before.

The artist, who is currently studying Music and Creative Writing in Wales, U.K. was stoked to perform at a Sofar Sounds Delhi NCR show; months after one of her original songs went viral amongst the indie-music circuit in India.

Dot. whose favorite Sofar video from the Youtube channel is Kiah Victoria’s Tralalala, thought that her first gig back home in Delhi was fitting with Sofar Sounds.

The 18-year old describes her relationship with music as unexplainable and can’t really define her music as of yet.

“I can’t really describe my music as someone who listens to it because I have a very different relationship with it. All I can say is I love hearing how words sound out loud and sometimes while playing with sounds I stumble upon stories that then become songs,” says Aditi Saigal who goes by the alias Dot.

When asked about her influences, she said a lot of it depends on who she’s listening to while writing songs and currently she’s listening to Jungle, Oh Wonder, and Lianne la Havas.

She describes her experience with Sofar as wonderful, “It was the first gig I did in Delhi this year and I’ve got to say it was the perfect way to start. The team was extremely welcoming and there was this family like vibe going on. It was clear from the beginning that everybody was there for the music. Nobody was trying to pull a fast one over the other because we were all on the same side.”

Dot. thinks independent musicians struggle to find good platforms to showcase their work and that’s especially true in India where the market has just started to flourish for live performers.19554097_1550728931638892_7999513423300123154_n

“At most music venues, the audience is only there because it’s a social event and are drawn closer to the bar behind them than the stage in front. At Sofar, it feels like people are really listening. ,” Dot. received great feedback from the audience and many people were left gushing after her performance. She went on to perform in five cities in India in August post the Sofar Sounds gig in July.

Dot. doesn’t believe in boxes and doesn’t try to define herself as a performer, “I’m not married to the idea of being a performing artist though I certainly won’t stop writing and playing. As Fiona Apple puts it “I does what I does”, and for me luckily people seem to like what I does so I’ve been getting good opportunities,” she sings off.


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