Sofar Sounds Delhi NCR is Thirteen going on.

While Sofar Sounds Delhi NCR is known for its house gigs, we love to venture outside our comfort zone…and enter another cozy corner. As the weather turns cooler, we are more open to open spaces and so a lovely enclosure with promises of hot tea seemed perfect for our thirteenth show.

Jugmug Thela is a quaint place in Saidulajaib, Saket surrounded by greenery and earthy tones and minimal furniture.

The enterprise recently started hosting art & culture centered workshops, interactions, and exhibitions at their venue which made it a perfect launchpad for Sofar Sounds Delhi NCR.

The space was small but it provided a great venue for an intimate concert and around 50 people showed up.


The evening started with Shadow and Light who mesmerized the audience with Indian-fusion sounds that played with our minds.

Their songs ”Samandar” and “Dhankan” stirred an ocean of emotions amongst all that were present.


Next up was Sanjeeta Bhattacharya  who had the sweetest voice to complement the chai that made up for a perfect Sunday evening. “Our Song” made us say “I will wait” to listen to her melodies again.

We ended the night with Pakshee who brought the house down with their indie-fusion-rock music that made us crave for more.


As the night grew colder we couldn’t stop ourselves from asking ”Balma” to “Jhoom” and then stopping to ask the way in “Raah Piya”.

The night ended with people snuggling together on carpets asking for more songs.

So, what are you waiting for? Apply for the next Sofar Sounds show here which can change your weekend (and life ;)) for the better.


Photos by: Aryaman Dixit

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