Catch these new tunes from our alumni at Sofar Sounds Delhi NCR

2017 has been a rollercoaster ride for most of us at Sofar Sounds Delhi NCR. While we successfully completed twelve shows with varied indie Indian and international artists, the effort & planning that went behind organizing each show needed a lot of commitment.

Talking of commitment, many of the budding musicians on our show overcome their own struggle to release music out into the world. Before we welcome the new year, we compiled some of our favorite releases that left us wanting more. Tune In

1. Burudu released their much-anticipated and now celebrated LP- “Ditties”

The electronic duo played at our December 2016 show at Dramz and changed the game with Sukana Chattopadhyay featuring in the song- “Indriya”.

2. Tejas Menon released a full-length album called “Make it Happen”

Tejas played at our June 2017 show at the Good Earth Elma’s aimed with just his guitar stealing the show with his voice and personal stories.

3. Angad Katari released his album- “Lost”

Angad played alongside his band at the May 2017 show in Gurgaon and his mouth organ (pun intended) left us spellbounded.

4. Chaos in the capital released their EP- “Fools!”

CITC created actual chaos in our city at the April show at the lovely Nicobar office with their “Trippy Mixtapes”.

5. Dhruv Visvanath released a single called “Jungle” from his upcoming album- “The Lost Cause”

Visvanath played at the July show at the Lets Bunk Poshtel with much fervour with just his acoustic guitar and a fedora that charmed out our summer blues.

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