Going old school in the New Year with Sofar Delhi NCR

Sofar Delhi NCR has become synonymous with South Delhi homes and we were quite happy to change it up in the new year by choosing a scenic location in the middle of Chandni Chowk.

Haveli Dharampura in a boutique hotel located inside the myriad streets of Chandni Chowk market, located very close to the Jama Masjid. It stands out in the chaos of the market as it is a quiet place known for a scenic view of the charming Old Delhi.

Our fifteenth show featured three bands, each known for their differentiated sound.


The show started with Baul meets Saz which features three musicians from different countries namely India, Turkey, and Belgium.

Emre Gültekin who is from Belgium calls himself ‘a troubadour of modern times’, equipped with his saz, the long-handled lute emblematic of Turkey. As the story goes, Emre met the Indian duo BrahmaKhyapa, a couple of traditional musicians, who perpetuate the tradition of Baul music. Malaika Brahma (vocals) and Sanjoy Khyapa (dubki, dotara) fell immediately the possible connections between Saz and Baul music.

The unique sound of the band reverberated in the beautiful property of the renovated Haveli which attracted many from the neighborhood to come and listen to songs such as ”Jole na Jayo” and “Namaz”.


As the late afternoon progressed to the sunset, the World Ethnic Music Ensemble started playing to the tunes of the romantic sunset.

The collective played a lot of medleys that featured different sounds. The wonderful jugalbandi of instrumental music left us “Seeking you”.


The evening ended on a high note with Man Goes Human who made the audience stand up and take notice. The Experimental Rock band left no stone unturned to make the people dance with tracks such as “Moonglasses” and “Crush before use”.

The evening ended with an appreciation of the moonlit view and a little bit of chai to keep us warm in the coldest month of the year.

So, what are you waiting for? Apply for the next Sofar Sounds show here which can change your weekend (and life ;)) for the better.





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