Sofar Delhi NCR’s Seventeenth stint went rebellious with rap

The Seventeenth show forayed into hip-hop as we near adult-hood as a collective. Sofar Delhi NCR chapter reached Gurugram, Haryana in March for its third show of the year.

We found a wonderful basement restaurant called ”Boho by Nagai” and literally took the scene underground (Pun intended).


The evening started with whiffing great drinks at the venue which graduated to a first-of-its-kind street experience with Roy taking the stage.

The first performance was by Roy who brought the house down with his song “Achche Din. Ft. 2 Points”.

Roy got the room pumping with “Then it was misc. mix” and the effervescent artist-rapper made sure that the audience was pumped up for the next performance.

10838045_1830728450305604_6185610607515099949_oBawari Basanti took centre-stage next, and her voice reverberated the room like a “Storm”. The whimsical woman proved her mettle as a powerhouse of talent with songs like “Namaste” and “Sudarva” which relayed into our “Aarzoo” for her performance to never end.

Sweet things like sweet voices come to end, and the end was an act to remember that forced us to “Suno”. Prabhdeep started with his powerful song “Kal” that quickly proved to be a “Classsikh”. His songs “G Maane” and “Murder” compelled the audience to stand up and take notice.

Amongst raps and melodies, we found great cocktails to boot and if you are looking to host our next show at your home, hit us up on our website.


So, what are you waiting for? Apply for the next Sofar Sounds show here which can change your weekend (and life ;)) for the better.

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