#KnowUs: Meet the social media whiz kid who keeps us connected

If you’ve ever wondered who’s behind the regular social media posts that we put out to let you know what we do, fret not. The multi-faceted Yatin Srivastava runs like a smooth machine behind our social media handles at Instagram and Facebook.

Yatin who is 23 years old is a musician and a law student who moonlights as a content creator for Loudest.in. His association with Sofar Sounds Delhi NCR started when he played a gig as his solo act “Yatin Srivastava Project” at the November 2016 show.

He had a wonderful experience at the gig which led to him interacting with Srishti, who was the Communications Head for the chapter at that time. One thing led to another and he ended up coming on board as the Social Media Manager and was happy to do so.

Yatin, who writes- music and words, believes in the power of good content, “Content is the essential part of everything and you can only push out anything well if its good content.”

Music is an essential part of what Yatin does, so its no surprise that he knows what’s worth listening to,”My biggest inspiration comes from ‘Songwriters’ rather than ‘Musicians’. In that sense, some songwriters that inspire me are Steven Wilson, The Pineapple Thief, Kendrick Lamar, Metallica, ABBA, The Beatles. It’s more of artists that have created their own sound and made their music come together as a single piece rather than individual musicians portraying their traits on their preferred instrument.”


Srivastava is a constant presence at Sofar Delhi NCR shows and his favourite performance till date has been of Dot.’s whose phenomenal performance led everyone to stop and take notice.

He reiterates that her performance reminded him what Sofar is all about; it gives us the opportunity to showcase artists to people who really want to listen. “India doesn’t have a culture where the large part of society thinks that music is an art that should be paid for. What we try to do is showcase these independent talents on a platform where people can check them out and beyond that, follow those bands and show them the appreciation they deserve,” says Yatin whose experience as a volunteer has been nothing short of incredible.’

So how did a musician-lawyer get into Social Media marketing?

It wasn’t something that he had planned on getting into. As he has his own band, he had to get entrepreneurial and explore PR and Social Media Marketing to promote his own brand. One brand catapulted him to another and he used those skills to promote his work as an artist.

For Yatin, working at Sofar Delhi NCR is comfortable. He is not stressed about the work and doesn’t see it as a chore or a job. He’s just glad that he is contributing to the movement of spreading good music to keen listeners and it leaves him with a sense of enjoyment.

As for the Sofar Delhi NCR team, he thinks the entire team works well together and has a wonderful working relationship. He looks forward to Showday every month and to get everything going. “At the end of the day, we like supporting independent music and that’s why we put in the work to make sure each show is as good as it can be,” he sings & signs off.

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