Adulting with Sofar Delhi NCR’s Eighteenth Show

Sofar Delhi NCR finally became an official adult with its eighteenth show held at a sprawling basement of a New Friends’ Colony bungalow.

We brought adulthood in style and featured three acoustic acts that were not just sublime for an April evening, but also left us wanting more of the warm winds amidst cold drinks.


The evening started with Anisha and her angelic voice reverberating across the room to her original songs that “Thunderstruck” the cosy room and talked of personal travesties like “Trouble is” “When Love is Lost”.

She talked about the artists that inspire her and the meaning behind her original songs which were bourne out of life lessons and heartbreak.

31961183_1879119355466513_3762385888097599488_oThe evening went by slow with the chilled beers in a garden outside which brought us to our next fly act- “Gliding  Arc”.

Gliding Arc is a solo act by famous indie-musician Aditya Balani who left the room spellbound with his original songs.

He also explained the sagas behind his music and talked of contemporary topics like War and Suffering and asked patrons to “Make it Right” before the “Barking Guns” gained momentum with their “Currents”.31964198_1879118312133284_6616589443828547584_o

The summer evening ended with the beautiful duo “Chayan and Smiti” who asked the people not to be a “stranger” post the show and “still up” the ante.

They ended the night with getting the audience “out of the woodwork” and “even now” their melodies keep us going.


So, what are you waiting for? Apply for the next Sofar Sounds show here which can change your weekend (and life ;)) for the better.

(All picture credits: Aryaman Dixit)

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