Sofar Delhi NCR nineteenth show played by the book-store

There is an unspoken bucket list venues list that Sofar Delhi NCR likes to keep. One of the most awaited one was a bookstore and our wish finally came true this May in the quaint corner of the GK2 Market. CMYK Bookstore graciously opened up their doors and hearts to Sofar Sounds Delhi NCR and the artists felt much at home beside the books of their favorite creative geniuses.


Our nineteenth show started with Amartya Ghosh who keeps getting better with his powerful voice reverberating as he crooned about cats, Modi, and funny love-life incidents. This was his second performance as Sofar Sounds Delhi NCR.

Ghosh played like we were in a ‘Carnival’ and told a tale about ‘Secret life of miserable people’. He also crooned about people who ‘Don’t try’ but pass a ‘Verdict’ too soon.

His wonderful performance was followed by a break where Sleepy Owl graciously refilled our spirits with free Cold Brew coffee that was easy to make.


Saurav Dn followed the break with his groovy psychedelic sound that kept the room pumped up during a hot summer evening.


Saby was next and we were glad to have him back at it at another Sofar Sounds Show as he played his popular indie Hindi numbers such as ‘Kya Baat’, ‘Asma’, ‘Tum Aur Main’ and ‘Chal’.

The evening ended on a caffeine high with happy bibliophiles checking out the racks much after the music equipment was packed for good.’


So, what are you waiting for? Apply for the next Sofar Sounds show here which can change your weekend (and life ;)) for the better.

(All picture credits: Aryaman Dixit)


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