Entering our twenties in style with Sofar Delhi NCR’s first show in Alliance Francaise

We at Sofar Sounds Delhi NCR love to choose our venues like we choose our vices, with absolute intent of newfound pleasures.

When we found out that Alliance Francaise, Gurugram wanted to host a show in their beautiful venue, we were elated at the opportunity and went for it.

The venue is home to not just French classes but they also allow independent artists to display their artwork in their facility, which makes for a multi-cultural experience.

So on a Saturday evening, we arrived amidst the students to set up in their basement and with baited breath, waited for the show to start with some Sleepy Owl coffee to boot.


Kitchensink opened the stage up for great vibes with kitschy songs such as “Silence”, “Making Meaning” and “Funny Girl”.

The band blended acoustic with pop and left us reeling for more with Smiti’s vocals lighting up our day.


Kraken followed with their crazy vocals and rock that made people get up and dance.

Songs like “Bouncy Bouncy ooh such a good time” and “Clowns aren’t funny after midnight” made us laugh and turned up the volume and spirits.

A surprise addition to the lineup was “Zokova” who replaced Jordon Johnson, and with their instrumental music and chill vibes, became the perfect ending to the show.


With art that filled the eyes and music that filled the souls, people left reeling at another Sofar Sounds show that promised to be different than the rest of the band performances in the city.

So, what are you waiting for? Apply for the next Sofar Sounds show here which can change your weekend (and life ;)) for the better.

(All picture credits: Dhruv Kalra) 






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