Tunes From The Heart Of The City

As the nip of winters settled over the city, we at Sofar Sounds Delhi started setting up for our November show. In the heart of the city, at Connaught Place, British Council opened their doors for us to arrange a relaxed evening full of good music and wine. We could hear the lazy Sunday hustle of the city outside the premises.


All our artists brought in something different to the night but gave us memories to remember! First up was Akash Vincent on vocals and guitars with Divakar Nambiath on the keys. Akash recently released his EP called ‘Polaris’ which talks about the ups and downs of life. His beautiful compositions like ‘Free’, ‘Entangled’ and ‘Anyway’ weaved an atmosphere of ease and introspection. His set ended with an experience of warmth in our hearts.


Next, we had Larry T Hill, originally from Sydney, Australia but now lives in Sri Lanka. He is here in India to launch his first album called ‘Diasperado’. This person is nothing but a party on stage who describes the different cultures he has lived in through his poetry and music. He got the audience tapping and clapping with his tracks like ‘Rum & Smokes’ and ‘Coco Yogo’.


As the night set in, we had Hanita Bhambri take over the stage with Divakar Nambiath on keys and Vignesh Iyer on guitar. Her tunes set the perfect mood of a laidback Sunday with a glass of wine in hand. She shared her tunes ‘I Tried’ and ‘Let Me Go’ which got a lot of appreciation over the last couple of months. Her music sounded absolutely vulnerable and honest as she calls it.

The night ended with some happy tunes in our head and soul-warming lyrics.

So, what are you waiting for? Apply for the next Sofar Sounds show (on 23rd December) and we promise, that your weekends (and life ;)) will change for the better.


(All picture credits: Dhruv Kalra)


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