Kicking off 2019 with Music across the Boundaries

We welcomed 2019 with warm sunsets and wine in our hands. Our January show was set with a background of one of the most beautiful sunsets the city had seen in a while.


First, up for the evening, we had Anhad + Tanner. Featuring Saptak Chatterjee on vocals, Vibhor Mathur on flute, Sarthak Pahwa on percussions and Vinayak Pant on the sitar. This duo has been creating and collaborating with various artists across the country since March 2018. Each of their track was mesmerising especially “Childhood” and “Jiya” which was originally sung by Isheeta Chakravarty.


After some sweet catch-ups and a break, we had RIELL performing who is from Canada. She primarily does EDM collaborations and works on Dance Pop with producers around the world. She has toured in Europe before reaching India and blew us with her strong magnetic voice. Her set included tracks “Redemption”, “Flesh & Bone” and “Hide Away” which are still unreleased on any platform. But hey! Look out as she is going to release her EP anytime in 2019 called HIDEAWAY.


Just before the chilly winds were setting in we had NO HONEY take over the stage. No Honey has Abhilasha Sinha on vocals, Keshav Dhar on guitars and Suyash Gabriel a.k.a. The Beast on the drums. No Honey has created a common space where rock, metal, soul and electronica come live together in harmony. Their influences come from hip-hop beats to ambient, guitar riffs, dance grooves and dreamy pop hooks, all tempered with Keshav’s foray in electronic production. Their set list consisted of tracks from their latest EP Future Like. Abhilasha’s voice took the audience to a different dimension altogether in tracks like ‘Alone Tonight’ and ‘Courage’.


They are currently a three-piece live act, but who knows? If a string section and a choir are down to collaborate with them, they can definitely create more such magical experiences.


The night grew darker and we ended it with some warm and fuzzy music in our hearts. As we again hoped to see more such evenings in the coming months of 2019.

Want to experience such performances live? Apply to get invited for our upcoming shows here.

(All Pictures by Dhruv Kalra)


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