Melodies Of March

It was an evening right out of dreams. Delhi looked bright & beautiful with all the spring flora and fauna. It seemed like the city was dressed in Spring colours to host an extraordinary Sofar evening.
Prithvideep, our host for the evening made us feel at home at his gorgeous lawn full of spring flowers blooming everywhere. As the audience started pouring in with hopeful faces we were once again ready to dive into an evening full of melodies.
We had Sri a.k.a. Srijit Bhowmick as the opening act for the evening. He is a singer-songwriter from Bombay. He was on his debut launch tour #TheOnlyFindTour while playing at Sofar Sounds Delhi Chapter. He swooned everyone in the audience with his tunes like “Hunger Of My Soul” & “Gulaam”. He doesn’t restrict himself in a particular genre but simply follows his heart to write music.
Just after a short break of clinking wine glasses, we had Saptak Chatterjee singing for us with his band. Saptak’s every track talks about emotion at length, follows a theme and message. He left the audience laughing clapping and snapping with his wit and brilliant lyrics wrapped into melodies.
He had Ishaan Tyagi on Keys, Shrikant Biswakarma on Guitars, Madhur Chaudhury on Bass and finally Dimpal Kumar on Drums. Saptak just doesn’t talk to his audience about music but also makes them revisit a memory or emotion which each of his tracks like “Khoya” and “Junoon” represents.
Finally, we had My Kind Of Blue take charge of the evening. They just blew everyone away with their amazing lyrics and music. They came all the way from Bombay to spread their magic over Delhi. We had Brecilla D’Souza on lead Vocals, Varisha Tanna and Pranav Kamat on Guitars and Backing Vocals, Nikhil Nair on Bass and finally Hardik Mehta on Drums.
Their music is about personal experiences and celebrations of different phases of life through their lyrics. We definitely experienced that though tracks like “Baby’s Crib”, “In My Head” and ” Homewrecker”.
As we approached towards the end of the evening, Prithvideep our host for the evening surprised everyone with his absolutely delightful performance of “La Vie En Rose. The night ended with new friendships, bonds and melodies which will keep us going forever.
So, what are you waiting for? Apply for the May Sofar Sounds show here which can change your weekends for the better.
All Pictures By Aryaman Dixit

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