Capturing the Crayon Skies and Attentive Audiences

By Takar Nabam. When I first heard from the SofarĀ Sounds Delhi NCR team, I didn’t know about them. I was provided a video link and on watching the video, I got excited and I thought I shouldn’t miss this opportunity. On the day of the performance, when I reached the venue, I was taken by…

Discovering Delhi with Sofar sounds

By Ruchira Ramakrishna 2016 was a remarkable year for me; of discovery, learning & shared experiences. It was a year of firsts; the first job, first Delhi winter, etĀ al. Of the string of remarkable experiences I had, my time at Sofar Sounds Delhi NCR is definitely on top of the list. My love for music…

Luiza Sales: So Far Away

This is the beauty of this project: the concept of bringing back the respect for live music while connecting new audiences to new artists. Wherever Sofar exists, this wonderful idea lives.

Artist Column: Amartya Ghosh

As the sun came down Subhadra and I took the stage. It took us about twenty seconds to soak in the vibe from that crowd and get the ball rolling. Our setlist was small (four songs) and I can only count one other gig where four songs were enough to set the vibe and come out feeling great.