Communications Team

10958980_10200130118812668_3771764507687852240_n Shrey Kathuria – Graphic Head

I joined Sofar as the Graphic Head and I sincerely thank everyone involved. I am happier about the fact that I will be doing my bit to support the independent scene and to support live music. Being a musician myself, I understand the hardships an artist has to face to kickstart their career as a local musician especially in a country where there are more and more artists coming up and the platform is limited.

I hope I will make things better and make thing last while I work with Sofar Sounds

10440996_10152529228944903_252806931335465083_nYatin Srivastava – Social Media

Hey there! Funnily enough, I transitioned from being a Sofar artist to a member of the Sofar Social Media Team. I’m basically the person that’s involved in the vicious spamming of posts that takes place across various social media platforms (or as some people call it – spreading awareness). The sole reason I got involved with the Sofar guys was and still is to discover new music coming out of the independent scene. When I’m not busy writing music/taking care of my own personal musical endeavors, I spend hours on the interweb geeking out on guitar gear and YouTube channels that teach you how to mix and master music.

So if you’re into geeky conversations about music gear and you have a slight inclination towards Progressive Rock music, come say Hi at the next Sofar Gig! 

Tanya Dubey – Content Creator

10492152_10203702710860941_7172195432314618291_nI’ve supported indie music since I discovered it as it is the kind of music that pulls at my heart strings. This is my way to reach out to the scene that has given me so much happiness in a millennial world of pubs and drugs.
I’m a journalist and communicating through different mediums is what I love to do, and Sofar this is all just a great plan to gift myself great memories.
Here’s hoping that some words move mountains and in this case, it’s not just the lyrics