Second Innings at Sofar Sounds – Mahesh

The location for the gig was perfect as it was overlooking the Qutb Minar (my first time seeing it in real, if I might add!). With a short and snappy soundcheck, I got on stage right when the sun was setting. For a Bangalorean, the temperatures dropping to 12-13 degrees is not exactly “the usual”

Discovering Delhi with Sofar sounds

By Ruchira Ramakrishna 2016 was a remarkable year for me; of discovery, learning & shared experiences. It was a year of firsts; the first job, first Delhi winter, et al. Of the string of remarkable experiences I had, my time at Sofar Sounds Delhi NCR is definitely on top of the list. My love for music…

Luiza Sales: So Far Away

This is the beauty of this project: the concept of bringing back the respect for live music while connecting new audiences to new artists. Wherever Sofar exists, this wonderful idea lives.

Artist Column: Amartya Ghosh

As the sun came down Subhadra and I took the stage. It took us about twenty seconds to soak in the vibe from that crowd and get the ball rolling. Our setlist was small (four songs) and I can only count one other gig where four songs were enough to set the vibe and come out feeling great.

The Sofar Delhi NCR Story

By Srishti Das. The story goes back to somewhere in August 2016, Tanya started the initiative and she and Ruchira were the Co-city leads with Anirudh who was handling fan communications. They were the origin of starting this wonderful initiative in the capital region. With loads of excitement and anticipation for what would happen, Srishti was…